8 Questions To Ask Your Designer

8 Questions To Ask Your Designer When Your Project Is Complete

Regrettably, not all graphic design businesses are created equal. Pricing, creative process, talent, knowledge, delivery, and even payment conditions can all differ significantly from one business to the next. How do you decide which business is the best fit for you? It’s fine if you’re not sure. When it comes to Graphic Designers, most businesses don’t know what to look for after finishing the project. Here’s your guide to putting an end to your stress. Consider it a guide to finding a graphic design firm that will develop a logo that is a natural extension of your business and provide excellent service after project completion. This guide can give you an overview of interacting with your graphic designer and conveying your requirements perfectly. So let’s start with the top 8 questions to ask your graphic designer.

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Great. We’re on the same boat! Are you prepared to begin?

Questions to Ask your Graphic Designer:

1.Make one change of your choice from this project. What will it be?

Sometimes the designer falls under pressure and follows the ‘do as directed’ formula. Hence, this trick unleashes the designer’s desire to make it a better project. But the stick to creativity remains in the hand of the copywriter, which we, as clients, often fail to see.

2. Is your work 100% authentic, or do you work partially on templates?

It’s critical to know whether a design firm uses templates or generates original designs. Satisfying the client’s needs cannot be done using a template. It is a general notion that anybody may acquire. Template work has the advantage of being either free or highly inexpensive. However, you may share a logo or site design concept with other businesses – may be even competitors – and that work may not reflect your brand message.


On the other hand, custom design work is produced from the ground up by a group of artists and designers who spend time learning about the client’s brand, message, and objectives. Designers usually create multiple concepts based on a document called a creative brief, and once they’ve decided on one, they’ll present it to the client. Custom design boosts the creative process and guarantees that a client’s brand statement shines through. My Designs produce 100% genuine work, uniquely made for you, and no two pieces are alike.

3. What file type shall I expect from your end?

This is one of the important questions to ask your graphic designer since you don’t want to pay for files you won’t be able to utilize. It’s crucial to know what formats you’ll need ahead of time. Always check with possible design businesses to see whether they would send files in the formats you want.

My Designs provides web-ready vector files in Adobe Illustrator and JPEG. Vector files are print-ready and allow you to resize or shrink the logo without losing quality. It implies that you’ll be able to utilize the logo on any form of document. Whether you’re printing business cards or highway billboards, you’ll get superior quality.

4. Shall I receive the copyrights to the graphics that you used?

It’s critical to know who owns the Design’s intellectual property. If the graphic design firm owns the rights to the work, it may utilize it to charge the client, which may be inconvenient and legal. We recommend you register your copyrights once the project is handover.

Look for a design firm that will relinquish all copyrights to your organization, allowing you to use the Design freely and without attribution.

5. Do I get the right to trademark my Design?

Some design companies’ contracts may contain restrictions that limit or ban trademarking. My Designs has no limits on trademarking; however, the client is responsible for the trademark procedure. We suggest you consult with their legal experts on proceeding with trademarking.

6. Can I edit this file myself in future?

Companies may need to make minor changes to their logos over time. The organization’s colour scheme may alter, or the company’s name may change somewhat. You’ll want to make sure you can make minor adjustments to your files. My Designs provides vector files for editing in Adobe Illustrator. However, it is critical that the customer owns the programme and that someone on staff can change the data if necessary. This undoubtedly is another one of the important questions to ask your graphic designer.

7. Is the visualization self-explanatory if the product/service image is removed?

This checks the effectiveness of the visual part and the retentive effect that it shall have in the mind of the consumer. In any project, minor or major, corporate or entertainment, visual aesthetics play a primary role in the effectiveness. Simple copies carry great retention value. Do not use too complex pictures or a jarring layout that is not independent of the content. The visual should be self-explanatory, whether you’re making a landing page or web banner. My Designs sincerely works on visual aesthetics and frankly discusses the pros and cons of selected visuals with clients if reviewed after the project.

8. Can I trust you if my competitor comes to you tomorrow?

Loyalty and confidentiality are potent factors before inviting any business. No matter how dear the next client is, an agency should never accept any cash gesture or kind to reveal information. My Designs respect your privacy and confidentiality. 

Be it the client or the graphic designer, we know how exactly it feels if you ask for jet black glasses and you get jet black glasses at the end of the day. We take up projects as adventures and do our best to satisfy utility. 

If you have any other doubts, you need to ask, go ahead with them. We will be more than happy to answer it. Now you look at your project, tickle your grey cells, and come up to us with your queries. Great queries reveal great ideas, and we promise to feature your question if it’s intriguing.