What Is a Good Advertisement Poster Design? 5 Essential Poster Design Principles

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Posters are one of the oldest forms of advertising that are still widely used today. A good poster design can turn any business into a crowd magnet, from product advertisements to movie promotions. Unfortunately, not all posters are successful in this endeavour, and forgettable posters flood our feeds and walls. So, how do you select about getting the best advertisement poster design?

It is not enough to create a beautiful poster; it must also elicit the appropriate emotions. If you’re having trouble finding the right poster design for your company, here are a few pointers to keep in mind. Five of them are listed below. 

The Advantages of Good Poster Design

Graphic design posters, as you may have noticed, have a long history of popular use. You’ve probably seen at least one eye-catching poster design before. Aside from helping you remember a product being advertised, poster design has several other advantages.


A well-designed poster can halt people in their tracks. Advertising design agency follow design principles that ensure posters can be seen from a distance or during fast movement. A good poster will pique their interest whether people are driving or are far away from the advertisement. Large, bold typefaces combined with deliberate color palettes ensure that posters are legible and visually appealing in any situation. 

Increasing Brand Recognition

A good poster design can pique a potential customer’s interest, making it an excellent marketing tool for brand awareness. Posters are simple to share both online and in person, resulting in high impressions of your poster content. Memorable poster designs, when done correctly, not only help sell a product but also leave a lasting impression about your brand.

People will remember your company’s name more if they like your posters. Even if they do not buy the advertised product, they may buy something else under your brand name or spread the word about your company. For you, it’s a win-win situation. 

Choosing the Right Audience

What distinguishes a good poster from a bad one is how well it communicates a message to the intended audience. A good poster design targets a specific group of people and successfully captures their attention. It also involves a strong call to action. It may appear appealing to try to capture the attention of every passerby. Still, it is preferable to successfully capture the attention of a small, key group rather than fail to attract anyone from a larger pool. 

High Recall

Let’s try something new: Close your eyes and recall a poster design you’ve seen. You most likely found it visually appealing, or other elements drew your attention and made you remember it. You could probably come up with a minimum of one or two examples of famous posters. Viewers are more likely to remember a good poster design.

Action Is Needed

A well-executed poster campaign can compel people to act. The action can range from purchasing a product to increasing recycling, donating to a school fundraiser, or voting in an election. A well-designed advertisement poster design can help you not only easily communicate a message to your target audience but it can also elicit action.

What Are the Different Types of Poster Design?

There are numerous types of poster designs based on their placement, target audience, and intended actions. While there are many to list here, we have compiled a list of poster design types you should look into.

Posters for Advertising

Advertising is one of the primary reasons posters were created first, so it is no surprise that it has its design category. The design elements in these posters are typically aimed at selling a specific product or brand.

Posters for movies

Movie posters can have a significant impact on popular culture. They’re used to promote movies before they’re released and to evoke nostalgia long after they’ve become blockbuster favourites.

Posters for Education

Educational posters are designed to provide useful information in an easy-to-understand and memorable format. You may recall a few posters from your school days that fit into this category.

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