How to Create a Blog Featured Image Design

blog featured image design

When most people consider what makes a great blog, great writing is the foremost thing that comes to mind. However, whether you realize it or not, images are an important factor in determining the success of your blog.

What is the significance of blog images design? Strategically placed images can boost traffic, increase audience engagement, and assist your articles rank higher on Google. Images are essential components of any effective SEO strategy.

Images can add important context to your posts when used correctly and help break up your copy. Most importantly, captivating images will assist you in keeping the audience’s attention. With that in mind, let’s learn how to design and incorporate images into your blog posts for maximum success. This article will teach you about the different images you should use for your blog, where you can find ready-to-use images, and which tools are best for image design. Let’s get this party started.

The Best Image Types for Your Blog

 Let’s look at how to make the most of them. These are the images that will help your blog featured image design succeed the most. 

Interactive images

Interactive images are an excellent way to increase audience engagement. Adding interactive elements to photos can transform them from passive to interactive. If you’re writing about a product, for example, you can include an image of that product. Important details appear when the reader hovers over different areas of the image, allowing the reader to learn more about the product. On the other hand, a 3D version of the image may rotate as the user moves their mouse, allowing them to see the product from every angle.


When in doubt, photography is a great way to enhance your blog. Unless you’re a photographer, check out the stock image sites mentioned later in this article. Remember to include context in your blog to tie any images you’ve chosen together.


Infographics are not only a great way to improve your blog posts, but they can also help you get backlinks to your site. When you create an excellent info graphic, other blogs will likely want to use it in their content. If that’s the case, include a source link to your site so you can be credited for your efforts and potentially gain more traffic.

Charts and graphs

Graphs and charts, like info graphics, encourage backlinks and increase traffic to your blog. Remember that if you do decide to make a graph, you must make it very clear where your data is coming from. Include a reference to the source and a link to the data.


Illustrations, like photography, are a great way to highlight the topic of your blog. Illustrations are frequently found on stock image websites. You can also use Adobe Illustrator to create your digital illustrations if you feel ambitious.

Images of Quotes

The quote image is one type of image that is very simple to make. A simple quote image can highlight important points in your article while adding a splash of colour to your post.

Include alternative text

Alt text is short for “alternative text,’ and it consists of keywords or phrases that describe what your image is about. When uploading the blog images design, include alt text in the code so that your content appears when people search for those phrases on Google. This advantage is that it draws even more attention to your title image, potentially driving more traffic to your blog post.

blog image

The content itself is the final piece of the puzzle. Whether informative, entertaining, or thought-provoking, how it’s delivered should be consistent with the blog’s overall tone. If the design is playful, so should the writing. It may appear to be a lot of work to blog featured image design, but once you see your foremost blog post preview and begin using your blog as part of a content marketing initiative, you’ll see that it was all worthwhile!

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