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Book’s True Essence

A well designed book cover acts as an amazing sales tool. A professional book design cover helps to convey the true essence of your book in an instant. Having a professional booklet design guarantees that your book stands out in a competitive marketplace and sells; people do evaluate books by their covers, so make sure yours is remarkable.

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Services At MyDesigns?

MyDesigns make it simple and economical for you to create best book covers of your dreams. Simply enter your project details into our online quote to generate a project quote for your book. Simply choose the trim size, cover style, book binding style, cover finish, print type, paper material, and design preferences for your book in the add-ons area.



Book covers are the protective covering used to bind the pages of a book together. The goal of book covers is to capture potential readers’ attention away from all of those other books and novellas.

We promise to take your book covers to the next level. We will deliver to you within 2-3 business days. 

You definitely know this better than us! Still, just a reminder; Understand the book’s core. Reduce your book to its core ideas, concepts, and goal, and you’ve got the keys to great book covers.