Book Covers

Illustrative book covers act as a definitive sales tool. A well-designed book cover captivates the user and conveys

The essence of the book.

Our professional book cover designer will craft the perfect illustration for your book cover that will help your readers to instantly capture the true essence of your book on the basis of directory page design. Whatever maybe the content of your book, our team of esteemed professionals have just the right approach in designing the right cover for your book with newspaper border design.



Our Ebook Cover And Book Cover Art Workflow

We at MyDesigns aim at providing affordable and illustrative book cover designs to realize the true essence of your book.

Our highly expertise team of designers will capture your perspective before beginning the design process. We will provide you with samples of our creative custom book covers to help you decide on your choice of design, before going forward with the designing process.



The goal of book cover design is to pull potential readers’ attention away from all of the other tomes and novellas on their nightstand and persuade them that your page-turner is the next book they should read.

The main elements of the booklet design are as follows:

  • The cover of a book should give readers a preview of what’s to come.
  • The genre of a book should be indicated on the cover.
  • Your protagonist should be introduced on the book cover.
  • The tone of a book should be determined by its cover.
  • Book covers should adhere to design principles in a way that is appropriate for your category.

E-book design is taking material and structuring it in such a way that it becomes a valuable component of your content marketing strategy. A digital file structured to display long-form material in a book format is known as an ebook. When done correctly, ebook design may be one of the most effective methods to create leads for your company.