How To Choose A Cartoon Character Designer For Hire

What is the most difficult aspect of hunting for a cartoon character designer? To find the ideal person who matches your requirements: to be competent but also committed, complete the work on schedule, and fully comprehend your vision. Everyone wants a designer who produces exceptional work. Therefore, we understand how tough it can be to locate a game artist for hire who can fulfil all of your needs. That’s why we’ve put up a mini-guide to show you what to look for when selecting the perfect person. In addition, this post contains information that will assist you in deciding whether you want to work with a customized cartoon character creator that will provide the services you require.

Cartoonist Qualities to Look For

If you want to hire a cartoonist, ensure the prospect has the following skills:

1. A desire to learn

With a new trend in the market every other day, strive to find cartoon illustrators interested in and passionate about learning. They must be motivated to improve their craft. Furthermore, cartoonists’ agents should be willing to listen to constructive feedback.

2. Interpersonal abilities

Check the candidate’s interpersonal abilities before hiring a freelance cartoonist. Cartoon character designer may develop wonderful ideas because they have a sense of humor and imagination. They can also share their ideas with their teammates in this way.

3. Commitment

Dedication is the key to success in all aspects of notable cartoonists’ lives and works. As a result, look for cartoon drawers for hire who are dedicated to their profession. Dedication keeps thoughts flowing in their heads.

4. Storytelling talent

Try to find a cartoonist for hire who can communicate stories through their work. A simplistic cartoonist’s art will not give the spectator much information. The cartoonist you select should be capable of producing not only professional drawings but also narrating stories.

5. Technique of persuasion

Engaging a cartoonist agent who can use symbolism and labeling to improve their drawing is critical.

6. Technical Abilities

In addition to soft talents, the cartoonist you choose should be familiar with Canva and other graphic design software.

Cartoonists Certifications to Look For

To hire top cartoonists, you must determine whether they have the necessary certifications. Here are some of the most necessary courses for cartoonists: 

Draw a webtoon with Clip Studio Paint: The certificate focuses on creating web cartoons from the ground up. Students will also learn how to create effects for cartoons and characters.


MediBang Paint Pro: MediBang Paint Pro is a free digital painting and comic book-making program. Everything you need to illustrate and create comics is included in the set.


Udemy’s Digital Painting Masterclass: Digital painting and drawing have never been more enjoyable. Beginners and professionals alike can profit from the painting master class. The masterclass will also teach students the essentials of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


Skillshare cartoon drawing classes: This course focuses on various cartoon drawing classes. You will acknowledge how to draw cartoons from the ground up.


CG Master created the narrative illustrations and characters. This is an 8-week course that makes you learn how to produce great images that convey stories using visual design concepts. The training focuses on the abilities required for successful image creation and cartoon illustration.

Top Cartoonist Interview Questions

When choosing a customized cartoon character for your company or agency, it is critical to be prepared with a few questions. The following is a list of the best questions to ask and the answers to expect from the candidate.

Do you enjoy illustrating political cartoons? Do you get scared when you see a threat?

Rationale: The candidate’s response to this question will tell you whether or not they are enthusiastic about their job.

I can draw political cartoons, for example. In reality, at my previous company, I drew a lot of political cartoons.

Threats do not frighten me because there is nothing wrong with my work. I am not afraid because I use my sense of humor.

1. Where do you envision yourself in five years?

This question aims to determine whether or not the candidate is sincere about the position.

Example Response: I envision myself in a senior position in this field. I want to master a variety of other cartooning techniques.

2. Are you willing to work beyond your hours if the project requires it?

Rationale: This question will help you determine whether the candidate can effectively balance personal and professional life.   

Example Response: Yes, I am available to work overtime if the project requires it. I will not be able to work overtime daily because I am a mother of two wonderful children.

3. What motivated you to abandon your previous career as a political cartoonist?

Rationale: This question will help you determine whether or not the candidate is trustworthy.

Example Response: I wanted to explore new options which were not available at my previous employment. So I quit my previous job. Working as a political cartoonist for my previous firm was one of my favourite experiences. 

4. Why is cartooning a viable career option?

Rationale: The simple answer to this question will help you determine whether the candidate is enthusiastic about their work.

Example Response: I’m still a kid at heart, even my age. My entire life was spent watching cartoons, and I aspired to work in this industry. As a result, I chose to be a cartoonist as a career.

Wrapping it all up

Graphic design and illustration help your brand grow. Because commercial projects require many expressive and original graphics, MyDesigns is prepared to provide its best cartoon character designer services. It is related to fine art, although there are certain distinctions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!