6 Tips for Creating an Effective Digital Catalogue

digital catalogue design

The design of your digital catalogue has a direct impact on your sales success. To better convert product interest into paying customers, use these simple design tips. One of the most effective marketing tools for getting your products in front of customers is your digital catalogue. Digital catalogues boost your brand’s identity and awareness, raise the perceived value of your company and reach and engage more readers.

A whopping 94% of users say they’d abandon a website or catalogue if the graphics were bad. The design of a digital catalogue is extremely important. Here are six helpful hints for creating a digital catalogue design that catches readers’ attention and stands out from the crowd.

1. Share a story

Customers do not want to be bombarded with a laundry list of your products. They want to know how they will benefit from using one of your products.

Tell the story of how your offering will benefit them using text, images, and engaging product descriptions. Will it make their lives easier and more exciting, as well as improve the quality of their daily lives? Tell your customer about your product and list all of your USPs.

2. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience

It’s critical to create your digital catalogue with your intended audience in mind. A catalogue selling dentures would have to be aimed at the elderly. A copy would be more formal, the design would be more traditional, the text and fonts would be larger, and usability would be prioritized.

A food product catalogue design, on the other hand, would need to be up to date to appeal to a younger audience. To appeal to the technically-savvy millennial, the design would need to be modern and vibrant, with content chock-full of links and click-throughs. 

3. Getting the format and layout right

Allow your products and services the necessary digital advertising space. Make sure your layout provides enough surface area for each product to be fully displayed. Allow for more space for your best-selling products or services. Make sure that all font sizes and formats are accessible to all end users; you don’t want to turn off any potential buyers. How will your format affect your customer? A successful digital catalogue entices customers to stay and learn more about your product or service.

Here’s a handy list of layouts your design will require:

  • both the front and back covers
  • Indexed by product code
  • Page: Introduction (s)
  • Indexes, page columns, headers, and footers
  • Tables of Contents
  • Separators between chapters
  • Product designs
  • Logos, icons, and symbols

4. Picture-perfect

Everything revolves around imagery, imagery, imagery. After all, 60.8% of marketers believe that visuals are essential to effective marketing. Consider the viewpoint of the end user. According to research, when information is paired with an image, people retain 65% of it three days later. Make sure the copy and visuals in your digital catalogue are a perfect match. Product photos will highlight your company and serve as an excellent sales tool. Ensure that all photographs and visuals are of high quality, have adequate lighting, and are of a suitable resolution for printing. Printer manufacturers recommend 300dpi resolution for printing – the higher the resolution, the better. Consider hiring a professional photographer to provide the best possible product images.

There are several excellent royalty-free stock image websites available, including Unsplash and Adobe Stock. Effective product images can boost conversion rates by up to 30%. Remember that low-quality photographs, visuals, and graphics will only harm the credibility of your offering. 

5. Typography communicates

As a general rule, limit yourself to no more than three typefaces. This keeps things tidy and keeps your readers’ attention. A consistent text layout is essential for allowing your customer to find what they’re looking for while removing any potential distractions.

The added benefit of interactive navigation is available with digital catalogues. Customers can navigate to specific sections of your edition by clicking on text and titles. You can accomplish this by including navigational hyperlinks in your headings.

food product catalogue design

6. Keep track of your statistics

Wait a minute, the digital design process does not end there. It’s now time to monitor the success of your digital catalogue design. More data allows you to gain more insight and make better decisions when it comes to future investments. MyDesigns is the Best Graphic Designing Agency in India, with a creative team of experienced and professional graphic designers who ensure that the appropriate content is used with the appropriate images and that your business offerings are explained in a precise, consistent, and distinctive manner. We enjoy working together to create amazing content. Let’s talk about it!