Make Effective Signage and Trade Show Displays | 10 Features that Work

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Local businesses use business signage as a critical tool to attract customers. The business name, logo, tagline, or a list of standard products that you offer are displayed on a store sign. A practical and well-placed store sign quickly communicates what your business is about to passers-by. It can use signs for various purposes, including advertising and conveying safety information. However, certain features are almost universal among all products, regardless of their use. These elements must be present for signage and trade show displays to succeed. You can arrange them in various ways to suit the purpose of your sign.

What precisely is signage?

Any graphic display that communicates a message to a target audience is called business signage. It is the most important and least expensive form of marketing for a small business. Outdoor signs, window displays, informational signage, digital signage, and other types of signage are all available.

Business signage is the only point of real-life interaction between a business and its responsible customers. Whether outside or inside your store, a sign can help people remember your brand and come in.

According to the Signage Foundation’s research, signs significantly positively impact sales. Over 60% of businesses report a 10% increase in sales due to adding or updating their signage characters.

Signs come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and most small businesses use wall signs or pole signs. The best signs deliver clear, concise, and branded messages to customers.

This article will describe ten characteristics of effective trade show signs and banners designed to help your business thrive and establish a strong identity.


Several studies and surveys have shown that legibility, or the ability to read signage clearly, is arguably the essential characteristic. Making a sign that people can’t read, especially from a distance, is pointless.

Make a Clever Contrast

The contrast in your sign makes it vibrant, visible, and easy to read from a distance. The more significant the difference in your character, the easier it will be to see – and the easier it will be to communicate your message to the public. One of the simplest ways to create contrast is to use color. The main elements of your sign should ideally be in opposing colors, such as dark text on a pale or neutral background (or vice versa). High-contrast color combinations, such as black on yellow or red on white, draw attention and improve readability, making your message less likely to be overlooked.

Impressive Quality of Signage and Trade Show Displays

High-quality signs have a more significant impact on customers. Signage for a business must be an investment. Don’t try to save money by investing in the cheapest sign you can find. Invest in a custom metal sign that will last a long time for your company.

Consider the Scale and Size of the Project

When making a unique sign, you don’t just have to worry about the font style. You should also ensure that the individual letters on your character are the right size for maximum visibility. To do so, consider how far your sign will need to be visible. Your notes must be at least 30 inches tall if you want your character to be seen from 300 feet away. According to experts, for every 10 feet of distance, you should add one inch of letter height.

Well-designed and Visually Pleasing Displays

The aesthetic appeal of trade show display banners is one of the most undervalued and underappreciated aspects. Pedestrians and motorists in the congested downtown area should stop and take notice of the design, and you should make sure that the sign has some mystery to it.

Internal Illumination

The use of light to illuminate the signboard is a great way to attract attention. Surprisingly, the internal illumination makes the signage more acceptable to the audience, not the external description.

Internal lighting emits an iridescent glow that is incomparable to external lighting. The light enhances the visibility of the sign’s words and reduces glare.

Make use of Excellent Graphics

People are fascinated by visual imagery. Including a graphic in your design is a simple way to draw attention to your sign and make it stand out. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; a simple logo or headshot photo could be enough to set your sign apart from the competition. What matters is that you select graphics that complement your message and enhance your design. If you’re going to use a picture, use high-quality images – blurry or pixelated photos give the impression that your company is cheap and careless.

Beneficial to the Environment

Another important trait for a successful signage design is to match the neighborhood’s environment. When creating your signage, it’s essential to keep the theme in mind and incorporate it as much as possible. Instead of going against the community’s integrity, your goal should always be to maintain it.

Maintain a straightforward approach in your signage

The golden rule of successful sign design is simplicity. The more clearly and straightforward your sign is, the easier it will be to read and comprehend quickly – and you only have a few seconds to communicate with the crowd. Concentrate on the short but powerful copy that conveys as much information as possible in as few words as possible. Utilizing more than two fonts in one design can lead to confusion. Your signage and trade show displays design should be eye-catching but not so distracting that it takes attention away from your message. Don’t be afraid to use white space to help draw attention to the essential elements of your design. Aim for a sign with 30% to 40% white space for optimal readability.

When creating signage and trade show displays, stay away from fancy fonts

Fancy fonts are excellent for wedding invitations, but they’re not going to help you make a successful sign. Although frilly, decorative fonts appeal to the eye, they are more challenging to read and decipher. Even if it fits your brand image, this can muddle your message.

Instead, choose crisp, clean, and powerful fonts when designing signage. These fonts will give your sign a commanding presence, making it stand out from the crowd, and passers-by can easily read them. To make things easier, select fonts created specifically for your needs: display fonts for headlines, body copy fonts for body copy, etc. 

Utilizing more than two fonts in one design can confuse Garamond, Helvetica, and Arial are the most famous sign fonts.

So, these are some of the critical characteristics of a successful signage design that you can use to help your company succeed. We can assist you if you are unsure how to put these characteristics to the best possible use.

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