How Do You Make Brilliant Environmental Graphic Designs?

environmental graphic design

Designers’ creative abilities have changed the face of the world over time. Workplaces are no longer defined by tables and chairs but by incorporating interactive designs that allow the walls to speak for themselves. As a result, we have created a dedicated guide for all environmental graphic designers to bring the zing back into their designs.

What Is Environmental Graphic Design?

Environmental graphic design combines disciplines such as interior, graphic, landscape, and architectural design to improve the user experience in a built environment through visual ideas. Through wayfinding and other visible means of communicating information and identity, environmental graphic design assists in creating experiences that allow people to connect with a place. The primary goal of environmental graphic design is to give meaning to a given space through branding, utilizing images, identities, and locations to create a memorable experience. It can be used in diverse industries, adding healthcare, education, commercial, retail, industrial, and residential.


Environmental graphics include wayfinding signage. Navigational signage, commonly found inside or outside buildings and in public, may appear more familiar because it indicates the location or provides directions. It makes it simple for people to find what they’re looking for, such as restrooms, offices, stairs, elevators, and parking lots. Because of environmental graphic design, they can be extremely simple or extremely creative.


Communicating your company’s story and values is critical to fostering a healthy company culture and keeping employees engaged. However, this can be a difficult message to convey at times, as it is easily lost in the noise of daily tasks.

Environmental graphic design can help your business by creating graphics that contribute to your company’s branding while displaying your core values and story. You could use attractive designs to cover a wall at the entrance with your mission statement or to put your core values on different windows of your business.


A visually appealing environment can boost productivity, creativity, and motivation and improve your mood. Vibrant colors and unique designs in visuals can help stimulate the brain. The important factors!

It would help if you could remember the following facts while designing:

Recognize your surroundings

The first step for environmental graphic designers is to ensure they understand the space they are designing for. You’ve decided to change the room’s look and do so. You’ll need to know every corner, like the back of your hand. It will be more beneficial if you plan the entire design process in the location itself, if at all possible. Learn about the location, and then go to work!

Select your colors

Color is important in any arena that is being designed. Make sure you select the best color for your project. Environmental graphic designers must have experience in architectural design, retail design, signage, and wayfinding. Each design has its significance; visitors should notice wayfinding designs as soon as they enter the space to assist them in locating a location throughout the office. As a result, these designs must use bright, easily visible colors and be placed in the appropriate location.

The best design is simple

Designs are not meant to complicate an element; rather, they should use them to simplify and beautify a space. All designers who work to increase the value of a company’s brand, such as logo designers or environmental graphic designers, are expected to instill the attribute of simplicity in their work. Thus, keep your design simple and assist visitors to your designed location in finding their way; eventually, you may also find your way.

Designs must be pertinent

If the design does not stay true to its relevance, it loses all existential meaning. Environmental graphic design is about adding meaning to a space so that it can go from being just an office to being important to your company’s culture. For example, information design is essential when designing a location where information is required. Similarly, architectural and retail design are important in their respective locations.

Remember to be in tune with your client to give them the workspace they have always dreamed of. Their satisfaction with your environmental design is more important than the greens they pay you!

Concluding Thoughts

MyDesigns is a top environmental graphic design firm. Transform your brand strategy into something that will improve the physical environment of your space. You may be wondering why these environmental graphics are required in the first place. It improves the experience, encourages engagement, and gives you a sense of belonging. It is necessary for your branding portfolio. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information!