Fun with Flyers: How to Make Awesome Flyers

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Flyers may appear outdated, but they are still effective in promoting your project. Learn more about how to make your own. You’ll need a basic understanding of the following to create flyers for business that gets the job done:

  • Developing your flyer
  • Principles of design
  • Production and distribution suggestions
  • Here are some examples of cool flyers you can use as inspiration.

But, before we get into that, let’s talk about why flyers are a smart way to mix up your marketing strategy!

Still innovative and cool

Thinking outside the box sometimes means relying on older methods, and in an age when marketing is almost entirely digital, that means reverting to something traditional.

Flyers serve as personal billboards for your target audience. Unlike digital ads, which must compete for metrics, flyers stand alone and have the full attention of your audience once they are in their hands (even if just for the briefest moments).

Begin by brainstorming

A good flyer must be carefully planned and thought out. It would be a waste of time & resources to scribble some doodles on some paper and call it a day. As a result, before you start designing, there are a few things you should think about to create flyers for business.

  1. Budget

As with any marketing or personal project, you should consider how much money you can put into your flyer. A ballpark figure in mind will assist in determining the final product’s quality.

Consider this: if you want to create a small flyer with fewer colors, you can get away with a lower budget. If you want to fill a larger format flyer with cool illustrations and more complex designs, be prepared to spend more money.

You’ll also want to budget for the quality of the materials you’ll be using, but we’ll go over that later.

  1. The intended audience

You want to ensure that your flyer reaches your target audience, just like a Facebook or Google ad. It has significant implications for both design and distribution. Consider creating a flyer to promote a great hip-hop concert coming to town. The design should probably appeal to a younger audience and be distributed in areas where the cool kids hang out.

The main takeaway is that creating an effective flyer necessitates understanding the people interacting with it. Knowing this will greatly increase its chances of success.

  1. Dissemination

Knowing your target audience will also help you decide where to distribute your flyer. It is significant because the location can mean the difference between your flyers being thrown away or remaining in the hands of the right person. For example, do you intend to hang your flyer from a light pole? Or will you have to hand them out one at a time? Knowing this will help you save time when it comes time to hit the streets and distribute your flyers!

  1. Call to action

A beautiful design without a call to action is not a flyer but a pretty piece of paper. Flyers should include a call to action (CTA) to encourage their audience to move closer to their goal.

While creating an inspiring CTA is largely produced during the design phase, you should consider what you want your audience to do once they see the design. 

Remember to consider your flyer design company end goal and why you’re passing them out in the first place.

  1. Manufacturing

The final major step in the design process is the production phase. It is also the point at which you must consider your budget, as several factors will determine the final cost:

  • Size and format
  • Colours available
  • The flyer’s quality and material
  • The number of flyers

You’ll also need to find a printing and production company. Again, factors will be considered, such as turnaround time, quality, and price per unit. Remember that printing and production take time, so give yourself a window to complete your project before the deadline!

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