Innovative logo design trends for 2022

Innovative logo design trends for 2022

So we polled our global creative community to find out which logo design concepts they believe would be popular in 2022. We saw a number of logos last year that played with the concept of inventiveness under restrictions. In 2022, we’ll witness bolder, less constricted logos—logos created for a civilization acclimated to living in the midst of a worldwide epidemic. As the next decade progresses, it is the innovative logo design that is carving out and defining the aesthetic of the 2020s.

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Take A Look At The Top Logo Design Trends For 2022

1. Rubber Hose Logos From The Past

Perhaps we’re witnessing a revival of the rubber hose look since it’s only been around for roughly a century. Or maybe it’s because this design lends itself to characters, and character logos are a way for firms to feel more approachable and real. In any event, 2022’s rubber hose logos are colorful, a welcome change from yesterday’s black and white cartoons.

These kinds of images will be around for a long time since we have a propensity to take a vital message or something uninteresting that you’ve been used to for years and transform it into a new, fascinating, and eye-catching design.

2. Logos That Are Hazy

That will be a considerably lesser emphasis in 2022, when designers experiment with blur effects to highlight fluidity and movement rather than primarily on reading.

Adding a blur effect to your logo is both engaging and memorable, and it invites the addition of motion.

Creating an effective blur effect for your logo entails creating a unique ambiance, a game with our eyes, and space in 2D format.

3. Lettering That Is Stretched And Continuous

Blurred logos aren’t the only type of distortion we’ll see a lot more of in 2022 logo design trends. Designers are also experimenting with extended and continuous letters for a limitless, boundless appearance and sensation.

Type is already quite expressive for companies, and this really expands on that concept. Incorporating bespoke typography to actually delve into deeper meanings for companies will generate a lot more attention and visual variation.

When a logo emphasizes one letter by stretching or distorting it, the pronunciation of the logo title frequently gives vocal emphasis on the same letter or sound. Alternatively, you might distort letters in a logo to represent the principal product or service of the brand.

4. Mcbling

So, what exactly is McBling? It’s an aesthetic that embraces and exaggerates the stylistic characteristics of the 2000s—specifically, around 2003 to 2008. The dedicated celeb worship, the advent of Twitter, and cultural obsessions with the color pink, diamantes, and gothic typefaces are a mixed bag of opposites that sum up the highs and lows of that era.

Design is following and inventing throughout this maximalist aesthetic period, paying respect to its emo culture, ostentatious shows of riches, and, of course, bling.

5. Doodles And Drawings

While some designers play on simpler times in their logo designs by adding motifs from previous decades, others channel their nostalgia through wobbly, scribbly, child-like art:

Expect to see more scribbles in 2022. Expect to see more logos with that raw, unfinished style, as opposed to the smoother, more “manufactured” designs you’ve seen in recent years. This style is raw, yet refined and straightforward. And simplicity is just what the doctor ordered for a world ready to simplify and shed all the weight of the past as it looks toward a more hopeful future.

6. Trying Out Different Line Thicknesses

These logos are loyal to their companies in good times and bad! Expect to see a lot of logos with varied line widths in 2022. Designers are experimenting with balancing in order to bring depth and complexity to their designs.

Letters, at least in typefaces, are generally either thin or thick; when they aren’t, their weight fluctuates in logical places. Designers are breaking old norms and experimenting with lines, strokes, and forms that don’t seem confined as they push limits and continue to innovate via their designs.

7. Imagery Is Found In White Space

White space, often known as negative space, in your logo is frequently just blank. That open space may be used for a variety of purposes, including creating a “context” for your logo’s main point and balancing its composition to prevent seeming cluttered. Blank space, on the other hand, expresses a brand value such as directness or openness. However, in 2022, you’ll see more logo designers dealing with blank space in novel ways: considering it as a blank canvas to fill in various ways depending on where and how the logo is utilized.

This type of logo is quite adaptable, which is why it appeals to a wide range of businesses. When you need to change the look of your logo from internet to print, or from winter to summer, or even from edition to edition—a logo with configurable white space is simple to adapt to varied demands without really changing it.

8. A Groovy Renaissance

This style is nostalgic while yet being futuristic, kitsch while also being slick. Fonts melt into curving letter shapes or bubble up into softie styles, while bright, gaudy colors clash with basic layouts.

Many people today associate the 1970s with inclusive views and optimism for a peaceful future, whether they lived through them or not. And, with all that’s going on in the world right now, it’s only logical that we’d be looking to this time period for some smooth, nostalgic respite.

9. Layered Elements

Logos with layered components are another of the significant logo design trends that will emerge in 2022. Designers are experimenting with geometric shapes, typefaces, and color combinations to create traditional logos with a modern twist.

Legibility is taking a second seat to aesthetics in many of 2022’s logo designs, as we saw with the blurred logos, and with these layered logos, we’re seeing sudden color and pattern shifts “disrupt” text and visually divide parts within a design.

10. Typography Begins To Take Shape

Wordmark logos are once again taking center stage, with the typography expressing the brand personality. These logos are classified into two types: those in which the text dominates the imagery, creating an emblem-like shape for the logo, and those in which the typography is nestled inside the artwork, providing structure and shape.

11. Grunge Gets A Makeover

Consider lo-fi and adolescent versions of current technologies. Consider dark and somber with a DIY vibe. That’s grunge style in action. And with these logos, you can see a bigger trend at work: wordmark logos in which the typeface is the primary feature. These fonts have texture, and it is rough texture.

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We’re going to witness a lot of nostalgia from many decades and art styles. Consider looking to the past for ideas for your next logo design. Consider what has succeeded in the past and what has elicited the emotions you wish to elicit in your new design. Then, find a method to reinvent it for 2022, which might include stretching, blurring, animating, or just changing the color palette.