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It's easy to believe that creating a picture book design for children is easier than writing a full-length novel. On the other hand, a picture book requires all of the same fundamental narrative qualities as a novel, such as well-drawn characters and an engaging plot, but in a much smaller format. Our picture book cover design will surely capture the minds of the youngsters. Many things must be considered while designing a children's picture book, including the size of the book, the number of pages, the quality of the illustrations, the flow of the text, color, and so on. We offer the professional technical illustration services too.



Let's have a look at the parameters we keep track of:

Assess the text and illustrations

Choose a
trim size

Choose a
page count

Ideas for formats
of illustrations

Ideas for incorporating non-story pages

You might assume that children’s picture books are quick to design because they contain few words and pages. You’ll find, however, that because they are so short, every single word and image is important! We at MyDesigns create the illustrations and formats beautifully that easily catch attention. Create your own picture book online with us! And don`t forget to check out our concept art design services as well.



The term “picture book” refers to a book, most typically created for children, in which the text is illustrated. The illustrations that comprise the picture book are stated as picture book designs

We promise to take your picture book design to the next level. We will deliver to you within 2-3 business days. 

A fantastic kids picture book design should be the ideal blend of basic, yet appealing graphics and dynamic, memorable writing.