Everything You Need to Know About Transit and Bus Advertising

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Do your account for transit advertising in your advertising budget? Consider this: your consumer likely spends a significant amount of time on the road, commuting between home and office, going to the mall, and so on. At these times, transit advertising is aimed at consumers. Outdoor and transit advertising companies include advertisements on the side of a bus, at a bus stop, at gas stations, at airports, and so on. There are numerous transit advertising firms to choose from. Some provide traditional advertisements such as flex prints on billboards, while others, such as MyDesigns, provide more modern alternatives. 


Bus advertising targets customers straightforwardly and simply. The following are some of the benefits of placing advertisements on buses:

  • Ads, unlike TV or digital ads, cannot be turned off.
  • Unlike radio advertisements, transit advertisements reach drivers and passengers, regardless of which radio stations they are listening to
  • You reach a diverse audience.
  • There are numerous ad sizes, locations, and creative options to choose from.

Different types of transit advertising

Indoor and outdoor transit advertising are the two broad categories of transit advertising.

Transit advertising indoors

This, as the name implies, refers to advertisements displayed inside buildings, transit shelters, and vehicles. This could include static advertisements like leaflets, posters, and boards, as well as audio-video advertisements displayed on digital screens – remember the television screens inside buses?

Transit advertising on the street

This simply refers to advertisements on the outside of vehicles, transit shelters, and buildings, among other things. It is further subdivided into onboard advertising, advertisements on the sides, front, and back of the vehicle, and advertisements on the vehicle’s roof.

The Benefits of Transit Advertising

Comprehensive coverage

Given the increasing frequency of traffic jams throughout the city, people are wary of driving their cars and frequently opt for public transportation. Every day, over 50 lakh people use BMTC buses. You can reach out to all of these people at the same time by investing in transit advertising. The fact that there are no repeat costs adds to its allure.

Geographic coverage

Brands can target consumers based on their geographic location using digital outdoor advertising. This enables marketers to play advertisements based on location. Assume there is a bus terminal near the mall. If a mall store chooses to advertise its products in the bus terminal, it serves as a reminder of the brand and encourages customers to visit the store.

Long duration of exposure

When an advertisement plays on television at home, viewers can change the channel. When advertisements play on a transit media screen, however, the channel cannot be changed and they cannot be turned off. This gives businesses more control over their ad exposure. Given the average commute time of 30 minutes, a consumer is bound to notice the advertisement at least a few times.

Advertising is inexpensive

There are no repeat costs associated with transit advertising companies. This means that you can reach a large market with a small investment. This lowers your customer acquisition costs even more. What you need is a low investment with a high ROI. In many cases, this type of advertising is less expensive than other types of advertising.


Bus advertising agency (also known as “billboards on wheels”) is a type of transit advertising that falls under the category of out-of-home advertising. Any promotional materials aimed at catching customers outside or when they are not at home are referred to as transit advertising. It is a type of out-of-home advertising in which advertisements are placed in or on public transportation modes or areas. Advertisements on the sides of buses, trains, and taxis, inside subway cars and bus stations, and near train or bus platforms are examples of transit advertising.

India’s Transit Advertising Companies

Several advertising firms are now concentrating on transit advertising. One of the best-known of these businesses is MyDesigns. Bus advertising remains effective due to its wide reach, ability to emotionally and momentarily connect with viewers, and a vast number of interior and exterior displays catering to more than just the daily commuter.

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