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MyDesigns graphic design experts apply their experience to every decision they make when creating a custom design to best meet our client’s needs. Here are a few of the trade tips they recommend:

Vehicle Wraps Must Have a Strong Brand Identity and Consistency

Branding informs your customers about who you are and what you stand for. Whether you’re having a vehicle wrap graphic design installed on a single vehicle or we’re customizing your entire corporate fleet with full-color vehicle wraps, your brand typeface, colors, logo, and overall style must be perfectly consistent.

Provide the designer with your corporate branding guidelines, setup, manual, or both. At MyDesigns, we believe that vector files such as. Ai,.ep,s, or pdf files that have been properly set up are the best way to accomplish this. To double-check our work, we consult your brand manual.

If you prefer to design your vehicle wrap with your own team, requesting a scaled template for the vehicle being wrapped from your signage company is highly recommended. The template helps the designer ensure the correct amount of bleeding is used while directing them to create the file at the correct resolution. To produce high-quality print graphics, MyDesigns requires 100 dpi at full size. As a final check, ensure that you have received proper proof before installation. We always provide digital proofs to the client and recommend printing large, hard-copy proof samples of the actual wrap on the 3M material we will be using to ensure the client receives a 100% accurate representation of the wrap.

Simple Can Be Excellent

A common mistake in vehicle wrap graphic design is the belief that graphics must be loud or outlandish. For example, defying brand expectations by creating a background with a super bright texture. That is only sometimes the most profitable or long-term option. While this approach has its uses, most businesses are better served by a well-designed, clean-looking wrap that is more likely to be noticed and understood.

Consider a Modified Approach

When properly designed, a partial car wrap can be just as effective as a full wrap and may be more appropriate for some companies’ vehicle fleets and budgets.

Create a Brief Promotional Statement

Consider how quickly most potential customers will see your finished vehicle wrap. Ensure the text you put on your car, truck, trailer, or van is brief and to the point.

Allow for Dead Space

There will be dead space. Keep these areas in mind when placing text and graphics in the layout. You don’t want your main message or visual to be disrupted or harmed in any way.

Overlay the Template Design and the Actual Vehicle

Before finalizing the design, test it on the template. Only some designs that look good on paper work well when applied to a vehicle. It also pays to have a slightly larger-than-necessary design because it allows the designer to tweak it to fit the car’s shape. After that, compare it to an actual photograph of the vehicle. It is when you can see if the advertising or vehicle wrap graphic design message is bold enough and appropriate for the vehicle.

Creating Vehicle Graphics

Once you have the dimensions, you can plan artwork around body lines, wheel wells, window openings, door handles, and trim. Typically, designs are created electronically using programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The main advantage of this method over physical sketching is that you can see the various elements of the vehicle on a computer screen rather than drawing them by guesswork. Clients almost always prefer working with our designers at this stage because we can bring their concepts to life without them having to struggle with new software.

Low One-Time Fee

Vehicle wraps can be applied to almost any car or truck. Although many businesses prefer to have their work vehicles wrapped, having personal vehicles wrapped is common. It means that the cost of the wrap itself is the only cost involved in getting your company’s name out there on the road.


Furthermore, with professional installation and proper upkeep, vehicle wraps can last very long, typically 2-4 years. In some ways, this makes vehicle wraps a “one-time” purchase, which is unusual in modern advertising.

Vehicle wrap design near me

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