What will be the logo design trends in 2022?

What will be the logo design trends in 2022?

Today, we’ll narrow the focus and go through our forecasts for Logo Design trends 2022 based on our team’s study. As is customary, let us all enjoy each logo design trends with several examples from agencies and independent graphic designers that never fail to amaze us with their brilliance.

In 2021, 3D logos, ink style, and wordmarks confidently came forward to drive us insane, but as graphic artists tried to grow and differentiate their designs, the tide switched once again.

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Let's see where it goes and how it relates graphic design trends.

1. Large Logos

Narrow and vertical, towering logos are making a comeback to shatter the perfect horizontal design that we’ve all become accustomed to. Going vertical, like going vertical with business cards, is a terrific way to stand out with a bold and distinctive design. This, however, is a two-edged sword since being unique has advantages and downsides for the same reason: certain clients and audiences will enjoy your uniqueness while others will not. The brand strategy determines everything.

Another significant advantage of the tall logo trend is that it better matches most internet advertising and eliminates the need to produce a slew of identical style logos in various shapes depending on the medium.

2. Colors Of Candies

One of the top 2022 graphic design trends also pertains to logo design trends. Certainly, when your branding approach stands out and captures attention, the appropriate color palette can make quite an effect. Beautiful logos that stand out with strong, brilliant candy hues and don’t mind deviating from the typical business logo.

These logos portray brightness, optimism, and vitality with enhanced saturation in the HSV color model. Unlike pastel hues, candy schemes are meant to stimulate and awaken you rather than calm you.

3. Create Logo Outlines

Outline style, in general, has been gaining popularity alongside flat design trends, although, unlike the latter, it continues to grow in popularity. Outline logos are light and unobtrusive, so they won’t overpower your design while still emphasizing its current appearance.

Because of their readability, these logos are great for watermarks, tiny icons, and even bullet symbols. Outline graphic components are easier to animate, more beautiful, and suitable for a wide range of design styles due to their simplicity.

4. Serif Logos

For some time, this has been predicted, as the serif vs. sans-serif logo dispute isn’t going away anytime soon. With few exceptions, serif fonts are usually regarded as conventional, conservative, and formal, prompting a small number of major corporations to forsake them in favor of trendy sans-serif typefaces in recent years. Another argument is that sans-serif fonts are easier to read at the varied desktop, tablet, and mobile phone resolutions.

On the other hand, Serifs have caught up and become more readable on the web. Nothing can now prohibit designers from incorporating them into stunning logos that correspond to the brand’s identity.

In addition to their elegance, serif logos may be contemporary and simple. Using the proper typeface, you may add some fascinating flair to your new logos.

5. Logos In Lowercase Letters

Using all lowercase characters in a logo rather than all capitals isn’t a new concept (Adidas, BitCoin, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, Wacom, and so on). Still, it’s gaining favor in logo design for one specific reason. The printed words in a logo must function as a visual, a collection of forms, rather than a real word that follows grammatical standards. All lowercase letters work well together visually. You cannot apply this trend to some logos due to complex characters (lowercase l versus capital I) and letters that are tough to kern. It all relies on the term and your creativity with the typeface.

In contrast to all caps typography, which expresses authority and force, all lowercase logos are pleasant and welcoming. Nonetheless, several huge organizations, such as MasterCard, have switched from uppercase to lowercase to appear more approachable and human.

6. Art Deco

Another of the most important graphic design trends for 2022 shows full force in the logo trends. We’re in the new 20s, and Art Deco is a throwback to a century ago, carrying both class and machine-age streamlining sharp geometry. Just seek the symmetry, geometry, and aesthetics of The Great Gatsby. Art Deco logos, when done correctly, appear attractive and stylish, yet contemporary and sturdy, adaptable to any design.

7. Holographic Logos And Neon Vision

The fashionable Neon and holographic logos, which strike with vivid color gradients to make a striking impression, are perfect for dark backgrounds and futuristic designs. While Art Deco is making a comeback with clean and beautiful geometry, Neon is all about bringing back the 80s synthwave and making it shine in the dark.

The colorful gradients provide the sense of perpetual motion and add a dynamic element to the logo design. It has become the preferred method for technology-related logos.

8. Animated Logos

We are pleased to report that cartoons are not only still in demand as logos but are more popular than ever. When combined with stunning animations, Cartoon mascots come to life as dynamic and entertaining logos for a variety of commercial disciplines, not simply those aimed at children.

Cartoon logos exist in various forms and sizes, and they may be found in 3D, with numerous details, flat, or outline styles. They’re all vibrant and lively.

Final Words

2022 is right around the corner, ready to reveal fantastic throwbacks to the roaring twenties, flashing Neon from the 1980s, and plenty of vibrancy and dynamism. What is the point of rules if not to break them? With that, we can’t wait to see where the brilliant inventions of rulebreaker graphic designers will lead us.


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