Why A Premade Logo Isn't Good Enough For Your Business

Why A Premade Logo Isn't Good Enough For Your Business

Premade logos or readymade logos are transitory solutions that can cost you more than you think if employed as a brand representation for an extended time. To understand why a prefabricated logo isn’t appropriate for business, consider that a logo is similar to a company’s identity, and it should be creative, appealing, ageless, and distinct. On the other hand, a readymade logo lacks the attributes above and cannot adequately describe your brand.

It’s easy to use a premade logo, but it’s useless if it doesn’t accurately reflect your products’ identity, express your brand’s message, or interact with customers.


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So it’s best to avoid readymade logos because we’ll give you plenty of reasons why they’re not appropriate for your company, so keep reading.

1. Unplanned Work

Failure is the result of actions or objects taken without sufficient planning. Because it will remain interactive for a long time, the logo should have a clear vision or planning.

Before designing a brand logo, one must evaluate the nature of their business, who their target customers are, and how they will communicate with them. You can’t get desirable results using readymade logos.

2. Lack of Professionalism

You’ll need a professional logo to reflect your company and explain your brand ideals. Premade or readymade logos, on the other hand, lack a professional polish and so cannot be used for a business.

3. Less Uniqueness

Your logo should be one-of-a-kind. It will fail to communicate its brand message if it is identical to or resembles any other logo. On the other hand, Premade, stock, or prepared logos lack individuality.

Many people use logo-creation software. As a result, there’s a better possibility that others will receive your logo if it’s similar to yours.

4. Improper Expertise

When a designer makes a logo, he applies his knowledge and abilities. Expert logo designers understand the psychology of color, know what to use and what not to use, and understand certain basic or even advanced design concepts, enabling them to create a high-quality design.

5. Template of Logo is Temporary Solution

“Buy Quality, Cry Once- Buy Cheap, Cry Forever,” as the adage goes.

When compared to the cost of a downloadable template, hiring a professional logo designer may appear to be prohibitively expensive. Still, as your company expands, you’ll need to rebrand.

Because you’ll eventually need to invest in a unique logo, it’s best to do it now, in my opinion. Because logos can last a lifetime, they will squander even if the initial investment is higher than a template.

Having a strong brand from the start will likely raise client awareness and credibility and possibly increase your chances of success.

6. Less Usability of Design

We’ve got you covered from print to screen, large to small, and in any color imaginable. Professional logo designers strive to create designs that apply to various situations.

The same cannot always be said for logo designs based on templates. A downloaded logo is frequently only available in one shape and size, with little thought given to its use when extra-small or extra-large. 

Logo size is the prime and constant source of frustration for business owners who need to include little logos at the bottom of products or marketing materials. You’ll rapidly run into issues if you only have one size and shape of your logo.

7. Expensive Investment

You can see why premade logos are detrimental to your business after reading this piece. Rather, hire a professional designer, such as us at The Logo Creative, and invest in a custom-made solution for your business.

8. Generic Icon

A bland logo takes attention away from your Why or story distinguishing your company and why customers should select you over the competition.

Many entrepreneurs choose a premade logo because they “like” the emblem. This is not an accurate portrayal of your company because of personal taste. Personal preferences should not be considered unless you are the perfect example of your ideal client.

9. Refinement without Opportunity

A readymade logo implies using what has already been produced. To properly understand the soul of the business and represent it through branding, a well-rounded design approach should incorporate continuous input between the client and designer.

10.Less Specification

It’s crucial to specify font, colour palettes, visual styles, graphic components, and other elements as part of the branding process to work together as a single entity. If you buy a preset logo, you’ll miss out on this step, resulting in an inconsistent and amateurish brand that could confuse your customers.

11. Less Versatility

Pre-designed logos aren’t very adaptable. Your logo should be useful in all formats across multiple platforms, from print to social media, large and small. Professional logo designers ensure that their logo applies to various media.

A preset logo is only available in one size and shape. They are frequently distributed in limited formats and with a one-size-fits-all design. It is not given any attention to how it will be used in small business cards and huge sizes such as billboards.

You may run into issues if you have one size and shape of your logo to deal with.

Wrapping Up

A perfect logo sets your company apart from the competition and makes a good first impression. It distinguishes your brand and establishes it in people’s minds, comparable to Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, McDonald’s, and other well-known brands. A logo offers a visual picture of the brand that people immediately recognize.


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Remember when we talked about the importance of quality? Like every other company in your field, an icon communicates a statement. It’s not a good one. 


The importance of presentation cannot be overstated. Hopefully, you’re not wearing ripped jeans and see-through shirts when talking to clients, banks, and other professionals. Treat your company’s brand identity the same way.

As a result, having a personalized logo design rather than a premade logo is critical for your organization. A customized logo can help identify your brand’s individuality, making it more appealing to customers.